Thematic pathways

Not a path in the strict sense, but a place, or rather a set of places, which are linked together to deepen our awareness of Rome as a World Heritage Site. So we discover a city to LIVE, to KNOW, but above all to BUILD…


Rome World Heritage

Stories, facts, places of the past and present. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rome listening to what its streets, buildings and monuments can tell us. The EOutstandign Universal Value, the Authenticity and Integrity of the Historic City, a World Heritage Site, are carefully guarded by the memory of events  and by the traditions that constitute the foundation through the millennia. Here we try to retrace them… in small stages!



What is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and how does it act? What does the World Heritage Convention means and what are its applications? A space to illustrate, through examples and didactic paths, the importance of the Heritage, material and immaterial, that does not belong to the single States, but that is the prerogative of the entire Humanity.



Climate change… Extreme anthropization… Agenda 2030… Sustainable development… The most current issues of the present must be combined with the protection and the safegarding of the testimonies of the past, also as a world heritage, not always easy and obvious coexistence. A space to illustrate proposals and virtuous examples, to develop good practices, to look to the future of Planet and Man.