The Documentation Centre aims to promote knowledge of the principles underlying by the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, to foster the development of a more rooted sense of belonging and a common awareness more widespread and more attentive to the protection and conservation of the UNESCO site of Rome, as an expression of a local cultural identity recognized and appreciated worldwide.

The Documentation Centre intends to serve as an archive of the acts and documents related to the history of Rome as a World Heritage Site and collect publications, contributions and materials of any kind related to the same area of interest, to create a specialized library, useful both as an internal work tool and as a support to researchers, scholars or, more simply, interested people.

The Centre will organize, promote and participate in conferences, workshops or other initiatives of study and research on the various topics of interest; start collaborations with universities or other institutions for the implementation of various types of programs, such as interpretative and/or statistical analyses, material development, specific projects, etc.

Functions of the Centre are:

  • Document Archive
  • Specialized Library
  • Data collection activities related to administrative procedures, related to activities that impact on the territory of reference, considered useful for the implementation of the Management Plan and its periodic reviews
  • Educational and training programmes for schools, libraries or other educational centres, also in coordination with the educational programme already launched by the Capitoline Superintendence
  • Awareness-raising initiatives and communication campaigns
  • Elaboration of scientific-informative contents on the assets included in the territory of the Word Heritage Site link to other databases of similar content (SIMART, Forma Romae)
  • Study and research centre (publications, conferences, round tables, etc.)