The third cycle of the Periodic Reporting of the World Heritage Sites is beginning

Since 1998, the World Heritage Committee, every six years, starts the process of monitoring the conservation of the World Heritage Convention. States Parties of the Convention are invited to submit a Periodic Reporting on the application of the World Heritage Convention in their territory.

Broken down by year, States Parties of the five regions – Arab States, Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and North America (in this order) – complete and send a questionnaire on an online platform, access to which is restricted to accredited administrations.

The phases of the third cycle foresee the delivery of the Reports of Arab States and Africa in 2021, Asia and Pacific in 2022, Latin America and Caribbean in 2023 and Europe and North America in 2024.

In the case of the cross-border UNESCO site in Rome, the questionnaire will be completed by the UNESCO Focal Point at the MIC Ministry of Culture for Italy and the UNESCO Focal Point of the Holy See.

The data collected by the World Heritage Centre are then analysed and presented to the World Heritage Committee for examination and adoption. The World Heritage Committee shall also make recommendations to States Parties at regional level, Action Plans are formulated through a collaborative process that often involves site managers, advisory bodies and the World Heritage Centre.

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